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burger ordering system
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burger ordering system

What is advantage of an online ordering system for your restaurant ?

An online ordering system helps you to turn customers from portals into regular customers. By this way you have more sales in your own shop and less commissions. Because it is your own system and there are no commissions.

Assuming you make a turnover of;

Total sales of delivery service $ 10,000 per month / $ 120,000 per year

15% = 1,500 usd commission : $ 18,000 commission per year

Portal system

1.500 $ (15%) Commision

Your web-mobile shop

Your app shop Marketplace

199 $ (commision free) Cost

Monthly Savings


Yearly Savings


Brand Reputation

A successful self running ordering system is a great way for the brand reputation of a food business. It's an effective way to build consumers’ trust in your brand and gain the customers’ loyalty. As the customers put their trust in your brand, this will attract a higher number of customers.

More visibility in search engines

The self food ordering system is web-based and your customers are able to view and order by their mobile devices. 

Turn people on your area into your regular customers. Let your customers order food directly from your website! 

The gain of trust of customers will create a domino effect. And by this way your brand's visibility will increase in search engines day by day.

Increase your brand knowladge

Building loyalty helps you keep your regular customers and gain new customers. The positive views from your customers provide the demand for the related your brand. By this way your brand's visibility increases in search engines day by day.

More flexibility in campaigns

Reward your customers freely and earn more. You are free to set your own marketins to get more customers for online orders in your restaurant. Drive your sales with discounts for your customers and manage them easily. Increase sales in the short term by sending email, SMS and push campaigns. Foodemp lets you create discounts to your customers to encourage them to place orders.

Reduce marketing costs

The self running ordering system shows tremendous potential for marketing effectiveness at a reduced cost. It helps reduce your printed and digital marketing costs, and generate leads and make sales. It increases your visibility in search engines. As you gain the trust of your customers, it creates a domino effect and allows you to gain more customers. 

Launch a commision-free restaurant ordering system now and reduce your delivery portal costs.

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