Restaurant Self-Ordering by Kiosks

Create a quick-and-easy ordering experience with restaurant kiosks.

Self-ordering kiosks simplify the guest experience in quick service restaurants, reduce wait times and free up staff to handle other duties.

self ordering by kiosks
restaurant kiosk ordering

Quick and Easy Ordering with Kiosks

Kiosks have an interactive display, convenient and easy to navigate for customers. So they can provide easy and quick ordering soltions for the quick-service restaurants. 

Have it set up in a matter of minutes and start getting orders quicker than ever before.

Fully-Integrated Kiosk Solution

The new self-service ordering solution specifically for restaurants.

automated orders

Automated Orders

Receive all of your orders directly from the self-ordering kiosk to kitchen display screens on the line.

payment methods

Payment Methods

Accept card payment at the kiosk or cash payment at the counter. 



Reduce wait times, improve staff productivity.

Key Benefits

Improve the customer experience in your restaurant.

key benefits of kiosks

Increase Sales

Many of consumers would rather use an electronic payment or digital signage system and kiosks offers an interactive display, convenient and easy to navigate for customers.

Eliminates long waiting lines

Kiosks will reduce queue times. With no back and forth between cashier and guest, wait times will be reduced.

Quick and Easy Ordering

For any restaurant, kiosks will reduce queue times, meaning more orders through the system, more revenue, and more happy customers - even at the busiest times of the day.

Increase staff productivity

With self ordering of your customers, your staff will be free to handle important tasks elsewhere.

Freedom to Choose

Your Customers can place their orders independently and customize their orders as they prefer.

Upsell with Ease

Kiosks give you a control over the customer orders to ask them if they'd like a drink or any other extra snacks to go with their meal!

kiosk ordering system

Convenient & Contactless Self Ordering in Restaurants

Increase Revenue

Give your customers control of their order and allow them to browse and choose in their own time. Gain more customer satisfaction.

  • Menu updates are easily actioned

  • Kiosks can integrate with your existing POS system

  • Automated prompts can upsell items intuitively

  • Improves order accuracy — kiosks never make mistakes

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