Online ordering systems

Opening a new restaurant

Are you a restaurant owner? Are you looking for a quick way to set up a website for your restaurant?


The positioning of a restaurant on internet search engines is not enough. In the era of social media, it is very important to build a community around the brand. Social media and Google Ads campaigns are the foundation of marketing activities. Add to this the option of ordering online from your website, and you will earn more.


Restaurant online marketing is currently a very important aspect of managing a restaurant. Great food and good customer service are no longer enough. Proper promotion of your restaurant is very important.
There are several online places where you should definitely be present, so that your customers can find your restaurant on the Internet and you can build a strong brand, while making sure that the number of orders will increase!


A website with an online food ordering system

If you’d like to start building your brand online, you should begin with a good website, adjusted for browsing on mobile devices. This is the basis of successful restaurant online marketing. The website will be your property. You will decide what is posted on it and how you will promote it.

Including an online ordering system on your restaurant’s website will be a major additional advantage. By having this, it will no longer just be a visiting card generating costs, it will start earning you money!


Be on social media – another great restaurant marketing idea

We have, to a large extent, moved our lives onto social media. 57% of all food mentions on social media relate to restaurants. (source) Show customers what’s going on with your establishment on social media and share your thoughts with them. You can also share the news with your restaurant customers! In this way, you create a community around your restaurant brand. Committed and loyal customers are of much higher value than the profit from any advertising campaign.


Get closer to your customers – let them find you online

It doesn’t really matter where your restaurant is if your restaurant marketing strategy includes restaurant online marketing. Everything can be sold online. And everything is sold online if the marketing is good enough. In fact, you shouldn’t base your restaurant’s success only on the location – open up to restaurant marketing to increase your sales. Not only sales per se, but also your popularity in the market – which also drives you towards more sales.


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