White Label Online Food Ordering System

Online food ordering system is a great way to drive revenue and deliver value for your all types of Food Business customers.

foodemp white label

Marketing by your own brand, your pricing and without the hassle of developing expensive software or servers.

Your Logo, Your Domain

Rebrand the whole system with your own brand logo and colors.

Your Customers, Your Product

Provide an online food ordering solution to your customers without having to develop software.

Your Pricing

You're in complete control over your customers' pricing, so you can deliver a solution that fits best for them.

How it Works?

Our online food ordering system consists of 2 parts.

Admin Interface

The white-labelled admin portal is where you and your clients can create and manage the online stores, orders and settings. It's customized with your logo and brand colors.

Online Ordering Pages

All your clients' online ordering pages will be hosted directly on your domain. Clients can also opt-in hosting their online store on their own domain name.

foodemp white label

Fully White-labelled

We provide a white-labelled admin dashboard at your own domain. All your online stores can also be hosted under your domain.

Hosting Included

Don't worry about providing reliable servers. We host everything for you through Google Cloud Platform.

SSL Security

Security is paramount, we provide free SSL certificates for both your main domain and custom client domain names.

API Access

Api access

Automated Billing

Automatically manage billing and invoicing of your clients. Collect credit card details securely.

Custom E-Mail Notifications

All system related e-mails are white-labelled and will be sent directly from your own custom e-mail address instead of ours.

Preset Design & Details

Delivery consistent branding and user experience across all your restaurants with a streamlined design for all.

Custom Designs

Special design service for brands with application quality and front end designs.

Web Design

Website service for those who need a website and work in connection with the order page.

Set Your Own Prices

We don't get in the way of your pricing. Charge your customers how you like.

First Class Support

Resellers get high priority support as they manage many different stores.

Other Services

Other services for your customers as QR Menu and Payment, Online Payment Integrations, Table Bookings, Reportings...

online ordering system white label

Why Prefer White Label Solution for the Restaurant Ordering System?

It is tried and tested solution

A custom app adds great value, but developing one can be risky, as you don’t know if your app will work.

On the other hand, most white-label apps have already gone through fine-tuning processes like revisions, beta tests, and troubleshooting and have worked out for other users. Therefore, it’s more likely the app will work out for you.

  • If something goes wrong with the product, you aren’t responsible for bug fixes.
  • Grow your business without adding new tech talent to your team and radically

    changing your workflow.

Get Started Now

We provide a fully white-labelled version of our online ordering system for you to resell at any price you like.

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